Nano Zinc Oxide
Nano Zinc Oxide is an inorganic antifungal material, coating on textile is considered as UV blocking and antifungal properties.
Nanoparticular zinc oxide is transparent in the visible range of the light spectrum and acts as a physical filter against the UVB and particularly UVA radiation of the sun. It can be applied in cosmetics, coating, plastics, and fabrics.
As a professional nano zinc oxide company, we provide high-quality nano zinc oxide powder and zinc oxide dispersion for different processing purposes. If you need more info about our nano zinc oxide powder or other chemicals like copper oxide powder, feel free to contact Pan-Continental Chemical!
Application and Characteristics

>REACH registration.

>REACH SVHC and RoHS compliance.

>Available in powder and dispersion type.

>Nano grade zinc oxide provides better dispersion and distribution in applications.

>Application: rubber, latex, adhesives, plastics, textile, masterbatch, cosmetics, and chemicals.

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