• Carbon Reduction – Boiler replacements have reduced carbon emissions by 1224 tons a year.
  • Power Reduction – Factory upgrades reduced power usage by more than 500,000 kWh a year.
  • Low Carbon Emission – The carbon emission of producing Active ZnO, CS AZO product is only 20% of conventional zinc oxide.
  • Certification – Pan-Continental Chemical is a Sedex, UL, ZDHC certified company.

What Sustainability Means To Us

Sustainability has been a globally trending theme for the past few years. However, at Pan-Continental Chemical, it is not just a theme but our responsibility. As an industrial chemical supplier valuing sustainability, we are committed to striving for a better tomorrow by implementing sustainability solutions, promoting eco-friendly innovations, and conducting third-party inspections.

We have been implementing upgrades in our factories to incorporate environmentally friendly equipment, aiming to reduce power consumption and carbon emissions. These efforts include the installation of solar panels, utilization of high-efficiency heat exchangers and pumps, and the replacement of conventional light bulbs with LEDs. These initiatives result in an annual electricity savings of over 500,000 kWh, equivalent to the energy consumption of 138 households in Taiwan. Furthermore, our boiler replacements have led to a reduction of 1,224 tons of carbon emissions per year.

In order to offer green and sustainable chemistry products, our innovative Active Zinc Oxide, CS AZO product - a sustainable zinc oxide solution, utilizes a process that is not only proprietary but also eco-friendly. Carbon emissions emitted while producing the CS product is only 20% of conventional zinc oxide.


To ensure supply chain transparency and information visibility, our progress is inspected and certified by a third-party organization called Sedex (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange). Sedex is an online database that enables companies to access and store data related to business practices, including sustainability. Sedex aims to enhance business practices with a focus on ethics and responsibilities within the global supply chain. Obtaining Sedex certification allows our customers to gain a better understanding of our business and provides confidence to our clients.


Pan-Continental Chemical, which is constantly involved in sustainable industrial chemistry, has passed the UL 2809-Recycled Content Validation. As the demand for green products becomes more prevalent in today’s market, in order to assist businesses in evaluating the percentage content of post-consumer, pre-consumer/post-industrial recycled materials, or the total recycled content of products, UL provides strict scientific analysis to help businesses prove their environmentally friendly claims to the market. This increases the green competitiveness of the company to meet the expectations and demands of today's market.

Certificate of UL 2809

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