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About Us

Since established in 1979, Pan-Continental Chemical Co., Ltd. has been dedicating to the manufacture of zinc and copper compounds, including zinc oxide, active zinc oxide, active zinc oxide CS AZO, zinc carbonate, nano zinc oxide, copper oxide, copper carbonate, zinc chloride, and other industrial chemicals.

Pan-Continental has supplied to rubber, plastic, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, paper, electronic, steel, fiber, PCB, catalyst and special chemical industries and has received the endorsement from more than one thousand customers worldwide for the distinguished quality and service. With "Steady Growth" and "Professionalism" guiding principles, Pan-Continental owns the leading position of specialty chemical company among the industries.

Pan-Continental Specialty Chemicals Companies

Global Deployment

• Taichung Plant: Produce Active Zinc Oxide, Zinc Carbonate, Copper Oxide, Copper Carbonate, Zinc Chloride.

• Guangzhou Plant: Produce French Process Zinc Oxide.

• Kunshan, Jiangsu Plant 1: Produce French Process Zinc Oxide.

• Kunshan, Jiangsu Plant 2 : Produce Copper Oxide and Copper Carbonate.

• Haimen, Jiangsu Plant: Produce Active Zinc Oxide and Zinc Carbonate.

• Guangzhou: Main office in China.

• Vietnam Factory: Produce Copper Oxide.



Established and Produced Zinc Chloride.


Successfully Developed Active Zinc Oxide, The First Manufacturer in Taiwan.


Started Producing Zinc Carbonate and French Process Zinc Oxide.


Established Zinc Oxide Factory in Guangzhou, China.


Produced Copper Oxide.


Established Copper Oxide Factory in Jiangsu.


Produced Copper Oxide and Copper Carbonate in Taiwan Factory.


Established Active Zinc Oxide And Zinc Carbonate Factory in Haimen, Jiangsu.


Established Copper Oxide Factory in Haiyang Province, Vietnam.


Enlarged The Capacity in Taiwan Factory, Jiangsu Haimen Factory, Vietnam Factory.


Quality Policy

Pan-Continental specialty chemicals company insists on the principle of Quality Assurance and Customer Service. Imply Hazardous Substance Process Management System (HSF/HSPM) and comply with QMS/HSPM policy.