• Specification for Liquid Zinc Chloride (ZnCl2) (62.5%)

Description : 

·         Zinc Chloride: 62.5% min.

·         Color:Colorless

Standard Packing : 

HDPE drum

Grades : 

98% solid, 62.5% liquid, 50% liquid, or 40 to 62.5% liquid as customers required.

Uses : 

Galvanizing fluxes; soldiering fluxes; electroplating; batteries uses; wood preservative; dehydrating and condensing agent in organic syn-thesis; burnishing and polishing compounds for steels; antiseptic and deodorant preparations; textiles; adhesives; dental cements; glass etching; petroleum refining; parchment; dentifrices; embalming and taxidermists fluids; medicine; dyestuff; pigments; antistatic.

Properties : 

Soluble in water, alcoho1, glycerin and ether. Sp. gr. 2. 91; m.p. 290°C; b. p. 732°C. a 10% solution is acid to litmus.

Other : 

Hazard:(Solid) Skin irritant. (Solution) Severe irritant to skin and tissue.

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