• Advantages of Zinc Chloride Solution

Description : 

1.     43% to 67% Zinc Chloride Solution, which is available in numerous concentrations and grades.

2.     Zinc chloride solution from Pan-continental Chemical has many advantages over granular and fused Zinc chloride.

3.     Granular zinc chloride is very hygroscopic. As a result, it has a tendency to cake making it difficult to handle.

4.     In humid atmospheres, granular zinc chloride hydrolyzes. One of the products of hydrolysis is hydrochloric acid.

5.     Zinc chloride solution eliminates the labor requirements to transport, open, empty and discard drums. Dissolving costs are also eliminated.

6.     There is no waste with solution.

7.     There is no irritating dust as with granular zinc chloride.

8.     Pieces of package or dirt particles do not end up in the finished product.

9.     Lower warehousing and inventory cost. A storage tank takes up only 80 square feet and can be placed outside.

10.   Zinc chloride Solution is clear and water white.

11.   Delivery can be made in clean tank wagons and tank cars that are emptied rapidly with minimal labor requirements.

12.   pH (or basicity no) is adjusted to the customer's requirements.

Other : 

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