• Specification for Zinc Oxide 99.7% (French Process)

Description : 

·         Appearance:White powder/ pellet

·         Assay (ZnO):99.7%min.

Standard Packing : 

25kg pp bag

Grades : 

French Process 99.7%; Wet Process Active grade; American Process 99.5%, 99%.

Uses : 

Accelerator activator, pigment, and reinforcing agent in rubber; ointment; pigment and mold growth inhibitor in paints; ceramics; floor tile; glass; zinc salts (zinc stearate etc.) feed additive; semiconductor in electronic devices; electronic ceramics, raw material to produce zinc phosphate as steel coating.

Properties : 

White powder; odorless; bitter taste; absorbs carbon dioxide from the air; has greatest ultraviolet absorption of all commercial pigments sp.gr.5.47; m.p.1975°C; soluble in acids and alkalis; insoluble in water and alcohol. Noncombustible; nontoxic as powder. 

Other : 


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