The Leading Supplier of Inorganic Compound
  • Zinc Oxide is used in electronic, pharmaceutical, agriculture, chemical, rubber, ceramic..etc.
    ex: TDK, Cheng Sheng Tyre, Bridgestone.
  • Active Zinc Oxide is used in shoe industry, rubber, agriculture, paint, patroleum industry...etc.
    ex: Pou Chen, Feng Tay.
  • Copper Oxide is used in PCB, Ferrite, wood preservation, ceramic..etc.
    ex: Nanya Technology, Tripod Technology.
  • Zinc Chloride is used in galvanizing fluxes; soldiering fluxes; electroplating; batteries.
    ex: Union Carbide Ceylon Ltd.
  • Conductive Zinc Oxide
    Applications: Conductive rubber , Conductive Adhesive, Conductive paint, Conductive plastic.