The company has always upheld the service first, quality first principle, and the product quality control is very strict. To enhance customers' reliability for products and realize the company management philosophy, the company came by certification of ISO-9002 quality system in 1996, and in 2012 revised as ISO-9001: 2008 edition. In 2017 obtained the ISO-9001 certificate: 2015 Quality System Certification. In 2011 passed IECQ QC 080000 electrical machinery, electronic parts and products Hazardous Substance Process Management System (HSF / HSPM) certification. In 2013 IECQ QC 080000: 2012 was revised and passed. We are looking forward to, by the quality assurance model requirements, enabling quality and service to meet customer needs, and implementing the following commitments.

Continuously improve manufacturing technology, and quality control is absolutely rigorous.

Continuously reduce costs, upgrade productivity, and improve product quality. We are customer-oriented and we enhance customer satisfaction.

Quality Management System (QMS) Policy:

∞ Quality first, preventive measures

∞ Process service oriented customer’s satisfaction

∞ Full public participation and consistency

∞ Continued improvement and goal oriented

Hazardous Substance Process Management (HSPM) Policy:

∞Implementation of green procurement, green development process, create green products, promote continuous improvement

∞Compliance with the regulatory requirements, friendly ecological environment, in line with customer needs, to create sustainable development

QMS/HSPM Commitment/ Promise:

Product development is subject to quality, cost, engineering, assessment of environmental friendliness, professional assessment, verification, customer validation which leads to careful evaluation and well designed products.

To become a green partner/comrade and win customer’s satisfaction and trust, business process and operation management, has to follow (Plan), implementation (Do), check (Check), correct action (Action) continuous improvement, departmental communication, improve quality, reduce costs, identify / disable harmful substances, increase product added value, improve profitability and welfare.

All employees of the Company should abide by the QMS / HSPM process management spirit and uphold its belief,

Supply and demand control / Seek mutual benefit

Seek truth from facts / cultural reconstruction

Conscientious leader / Lead by example

Never overbear and realize ones deficiency / Able to develop a positive attitude, observe discipline of knowledge

While implementing the company’s standard process operations, we can always follow the quality of various processes and continue to enhance, strengthen the management performance and to achieve the company’s QMS / HSPM policy.